Karoline Saffi

Karoline Saffi

Vice President at People & Culture, Mission

Working with Karma bot has drastically helped to improve recognition at Mission. We are a company that greatly values work-life balance so we support a remote workforce, whether that’s 100% remote or from time to time as needed.

One of the downsides of this flexibility is that we don’t always have the opportunity to provide recognition to each other face to face. Karma bot fills that gap by allowing team members to send each other recognition at any time of the day and from any location through Slack.

Not only has the frequency of recognition increased, but team members have reported an increase in happiness and connection after the implementation of this tool. Managers have also been provided with an opportunity to learn about helpful behavior among team members that they may not have otherwise heard about through the openness and transparency this tool provides.

Karma bot has also helped us to further embed our core values in our daily lives by being able to reference a core value in each piece of recognition. This tool’s flexibility and the company’s responsiveness and willingness to work with us to find solutions to our needs is something you don’t always experience.

It has been an absolutely positive experience working with Karma bot. If you are looking for a great way to help increase recognition and happiness within your organization with a company that is responsive and will proactively work with you to find solutions that fit your company’s needs I would recommend working with Karma bot.



Daniel Nowack

Daniel Nowack

Managing Director, Creating Flying Societies, Yanus Social Business

As a knowledge organization, culture and values are our main asset. We are continuously looking for ways to reinforce them. Karma bot gives us an opportunity to express our values in a very positive and ad-hoc way.

It has significantly improved our direct feedback culture and interaction between each other. The tool is super easy to integrate and use and has all the relevant functionalities.

The attention to detail (e.g. GIFs as part of the recognition card) makes it a fun tool to use.

What surprised me most was the extreme responsiveness of the karma bot team. We were struggling with one aspect of the tool and the team reacted with lightning speed to introduce a small functionality change to solve our problem.

It’s a level of support that I had not encountered before with any other tool. That alone deserves 10-15 karma points for the team.



Esteban Sanz

Esteban Sanz

Senior Web Analyst, Trialpanel

Karma bot helped us to make better accountability of the intangibles of our team. We love how the graphics help us make it visual, somehow more like a game.

Kate Pojeta

Kate Pojeta

Director at Meetings & Technology, Event Garde

Karma bot team provided a lot of information to support our team on boarding this. The tutorial emails were helpful and the bot is as well. Some of the Slack bots leave a lot of room for improvement - I was pleasantly surprised with Karma bot, as well as its online dashboard.

We have a remote team of almost 20 and we use Slack a ton. We are huge on positive morale, kudos, and affirmations, real feedback, and more. Some of our directors were looking for a way to do more acknowledgments/kudos on Slack and we found 2-3 that seemed in our price range and met the features we wanted. The others, we couldn’t customize emoji, and we launched a core values statement earlier this year, then loaded the icons as emoji in slack and reference them quite a bit to call out goodness that team members are doing.

The Karma bot app so far has only been used by a handful of us to dole out karma but we’re rolling out and excited to see how it grows with the team!

Tomohiro Takano

Tomohiro Takano

CEO, Genomelink

A great tool to create positive culture for a remote team. Most of our team works remotely, so Slack is our office. Karma bot helps us to share good momentum within the team and help others to visually praise it. It makes a positive and supportive culture even when we do not see others in person often.

We want to praise others, but sometimes there are barriers to do so casually. Karma bot helps us to do it easily, and also having this kind of tool itself has a message to a team that we care about the culture.

Karma reviews

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"We have recently replaced our peer recognition system with the Karma bot for Slack and people are using it ten times more. They enjoy how interactive it is and experiment with the number of karma points they can give with different a number of ++++. The fact that we can set up our company's values in the tool is a great feature because this way the positive behaviours that are being recognized can be linked directly to the company values. It's fun, it's colorful, it's positive and helps us build the right company culture." – Mariyana G, Development Manager
"You guys have built something really AMAZING!" – Yakin Shah, Your Business Labs
"Coupled with other improvements in planning and communication it resulted in an incredibly positive team environment that reduced dropoffs by about 75% vs previous years, allowing us to field more rowers at the National Championships in July 2019 than any other University in Ireland, across the full spectrum of beginner to elite." – Niall Farrell, UCD Boat Club
"Many of our team members work remotely and giving Karma seemed like a good way to build camaraderie and boost morale."
"We wanted a way for employees to give quick, easy... but officially recognized... notes of gratitude."
"I felt a need to increase my teams productivity & did not feel like adding a new app on our cramped home-screens. 🙂🙂 The TV-ready dashboard was a nice (and welcome) surprise. We're looking to throw that up on the NOC-style TV's around the company."
"Support directly through slack. Brilliant!"
"Giving someone karma feels good."
"That it is easy and interactive and I like that values are tied to karma."
"The Gifs are fun."
"Works pretty well for us, more feature than heytaco, we love the values system and channel karma feature!"
"Peer feedback is important, immediate feedback is best. Karma bot makes that easy."
"I absolutely love the concept and the full integrate way to recognize team mates work!"
"I love karma"
"A fun service that helps build a positive attitude in work and encourages teamwork"
"Makes awarding convenient."
"Great product and excellent support from the team."

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